Watch SpaceX Make History From Yuri’s Falcon Ride!

This weekend promises to be an exciting one for fans of space. At 4:55 AM EDT this Saturday, SpaceX is scheduled to launch the first commercial capsule to dock with the International Space Station from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. And on Sunday, the western half of North America will witness an annular solar eclipse.

On Saturday morning, Quest for Stars, in partnership with Yuri’s Night and Columbus to Space, is launching a weather balloon to the edge of space. Quest for Stars, a nonprofit organization that works with schools, colleges, and communities to promote STEM education, will be documenting the historic launch of SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket from the miles-high balloon.

“Yuri’s Falcon Ride” will lift off from western-central Florida on May 19th with HD night-vision (FLIR) imagery and a Yuri’s Night ‘mission patch’. Video footage of the launch will be available this Saturday at Quest for Stars will also record footage of the solar eclipse in a separate launch, and share video and photos from both at the San Francisco MakerFaire this weekend.

Go Falcon 9 and Go Yuri!

Yuri's Night

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