Yuri's Night DC Goes Weightless With Zero Gravity Corp

Travis and Krysta Cossitt floating aboard G FORCE ONE. You could be just like them!

To kick off the Yuri’s Night DC celebrations, the Arlington, VA, based Zero Gravity Corporation (ZERO-G) took a couple of Yuri’s Night shirts on a recent Weightless Experience aboard the company’s specially-modified Boeing 727 aircraft.

Parabolic flight coaches Travis and Krysta Cossitt were eager to show off their t-shirts and get everyone on the flight excited for Yuri’s Night with stickers and temporary tattoos.

ZERO-G will be celebrating at the Science Club in Washington, DC ,this year, bringing tons of cool spacey swag along with them.  Events will include space trivia contests, LEGO spaceship building competitions, prizes from ThinkGeek.com, and music from One Love Massive!

After the party in DC, ZERO-G will be heading to Ft. Lauderdale for their 300th commercial flight on April 14th.  Where will YOU be celebrating Yuri’s Night?? [I’ll be on ZG-300–and you could be too! ~Tim]

Yuri's Night

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