YN12 Wrapup Part 2: Yuri's Night In The News

2012 was another great year for Yuri’s Night headlines! Read on for a summary of some of the top YN12 mentions in the news:

Any discussion of Yuri’s Night in the news has to start with two fantastic stories. Alan Boyle, of MSNBC.com’s Cosmic Log, posted a great article about Yuri’s Night before the first parties even started, highlighting Yuri’s Night’s virtual events and interviewing YN Director of Marketing Veronica Ann Zabala-Aliberto. And over at The Huffington Post, Zoe P. Strassfield wrote a glowing Yuri’s Night review, complete with how-to tips and a comprehensive playlist of space-themed music to play at your event. “Across The Universe” and “The Final Countdown” are no-brainers, but how about Stephen Kay’s “The Challenger” or “Higher and Higher” by The Moody Blues? Give it a listen!

If you’re a regular reader of Wired News, SPACE.com, the Washington Times, io9, The Inquisitr, RedOrbit, or one of a variety of other news sources, odds are you saw stories about Yuri’s Night pop up on your news feed. (Click any of the previous links to read their take on YN.) Individual events got great writeups in their local papers, as well–Buffalo, Huntsville (Alabama), Washington D.C., Hampton Roads, and many more! Perhaps most important of all, though, are the articles which don’t feature Yuri’s Night at their center. Every time a blog discusses video games in the context of Gagarin’s spirit of exploration, or an editorial writer uses Yuri’s Night as the backdrop for a discussion on STEM education, Yuri’s Night becomes a part of the cultural landscape, one step closer to being as widely celebrated as Cinco de Mayo or St. Patrick’s Day.

Last, but not least, don’t forget the international news, with YN stories featured everywhere from the Oman Observer to Vienna’s der Standard to Lisbon’s Ciencia Hoje and beyond! If you have any other Yuri’s Night stories you’d like to see publicized, please post them to our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/yurisnight!

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