YN12 Wrapup Part 1: Yuri's Night Highlights

Happy Yuri’s Night! Now that we’ve had a chance to catch our breath a bit after last weekend’s festivities, we’d like to start taking a look at some of the most rocking moments and achievements from this year’s Yuri’s Night. It’s important to note, though that Yuri’s Night isn’t over yet! There are still parties to be held in cities as diverse as New York City, Peshawar, Pakistan, and Ica, Peru, we still have contest winners to announce, and we won’t be officially finishing up YN12 until this year’s ISDC–so stay tuned for the latest on these and other stories.

First, an update from the South Pole! Temperatures of -80°F and the dark of winter haven’t stopped the intrepid scientists at the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station from celebrating Yuri’s Night. Check out, for example, their Yuri’s Night toast from 2010–and by all accounts, the YN12 party was just as big of a blast:

Thanks to Kris Amundson and everyone else at the South Pole for getting this together!

8500 miles away, Yuri’s Night co-founders George and Loretta Whitesides were coming together with leaders of the space industry, space enthusiasts, and everyday partiers to celebrate at our flagship event, YN Los Angeles in the W Hollywood Hotel. This video pretty much says it all:

Finally, in case you hadn’t heard, Yuri’s Night 2012 is officially the second-largest year in YN history! On April 12th, Van Nuys, California became the 223rd event, breaking a tie with 2010 and leaving this year short only of the 50th anniversary celebrations in 2011. Yuri’s Night 2011 currently stands at 233 events–and counting!

Yuri's Night

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