Quick reminders for Yuri's Night attendees

A few quick reminders to help you celebrate Yuri’s Night over the next few days:

Not every Yuri’s Night party is on the 12th! Though most will be held tomorrow, April 12, some will be held Friday, Saturday or even later. Check the map at the top of the Yuri’s Night home page (or the Party List at http://yurisnight.net/partylist/)

It’s not too late to register your own party! If there isn’t an event near you, get some friends together for an evening of space movies, conversation, or whatever you come up with. Take a look at the Yuri’s Night videos available on our Resources Page (http://yurisnight.net/party-resources/) or tune in to the special YN programming on NASA’s Third Rock Radio (http://www.rfcmedia.com/thirdrockradio/) from 6-10 PM Eastern time. If you’re celebrating space, you’re having a Yuri’s Night party–just don’t forget to register.

Follow updates from around the world on Yuri’s Night Live! Email your photos, videos and stories from Yuri’s Night to submit2@yurisnight.net. Updates from around the world will be posted to Yuri’s Night Live at http://live.yurisnight.net/.

Stay tuned to the Yuri’s Night Blog, Facebook, Twitter and YN Live as we keep you updated through the next few days of events. Rock The Planet!

Yuri's Night

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