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Info for Partygoers

The Yuri’s Night team is very excited that many of the worldwide Yuri’s Night parties are happening this weekend, while others are scheduled for next week or the following weekend.  For all of you who may be attending one of the 150+ Yur
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150 parties (and counting) for Yuri's Night 2012!

With April 12 rapidly approaching, and the first Yuri’s Night parties starting tomorrow(!), we’re proud to announce another major milestone. As of today, Yuri’s Night has 154 registered parties and events, to be held in 38 countries
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Yuri's Night on Virtually Speaking Science Wednesday night!

With less than two weeks to go before Yuri’s Night, the World Space Party is beginning to pop up in shows and news stories around the world. This Wednesday, at 9 PM (ET), Yuri’s Night Global Team leaders will be appearing on BlogTalkRadio
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