Yuri's Night Flashback Photo Contest

Yuri's Night LA 2001

And now a word from Greg Wagner, our Yuri’s Night Director of Contests:

The only constant is change,” said the philosopher Heraclitus.  And oh, how we know.  In fact, we often become swept up in our dreams of change – of a better, grander future for humanity.  But sometimes it is also worthwhile to look back and celebrate our past and our progression from the modest to the majestic – and Yuri’s Night wants to do just this by hosting a contest of almost epic proportions!  A FLASHBACK photo contest, to be exact.

For the contest, Yuri’s Night invites you to let your nostalgia flow freely and submit your favorite photograph from a past Yuri’s Night which you feel epitomizes the message and hopes and purpose of Yuri’s Night.  From this sea of sentimentality the Executive Board will designate three of the submissions as “Extra Awesome” and award their submitters with the most excellent prize of an autographed CD of John Marmie’s Space Songs.  To achieve this distinction, the photograph must be taken from an actual Yuri’s Night event.  The judges will be weighing the wishes of the people in their decision, so be sure to garner as many likes and retweets as is humanly possible.

To submit your photograph (please only submit pictures that you have taken or hold the rights to!), simply email it as an attachment, along with a description of 1-3 sentences, to flashback@yurisnight.net.  From this email it will automatically be posted to live.yurisnight.net as well as our Facebook page. All photos will be publicly available for viewing and subject to reuse by Yuri’s Night through a Creative Commons license.  The submission period will close at 0:00 Greenwich Mean Time on April 9th, 2012 11:59 PM Eastern Time on April 30.  So go, world, and reminisce, and reflect, and remember!  Let the past sing again!

Yuri's Night

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