Get your First Orbit DVDs for Yuri's Night 2012!

If you attended Yuri’s Night last year, there’s a good chance that you got to see First Orbit, a documentary film by Christopher Riley which recreates Gagarin’s historic flight as he himself would have seen it. First Orbit uses footage collected in collaboration with the European Space Agency and the International Space Station to depict Gagarin’s view during the 108-minute flight, complete with recordings of Gagarin during the flight and an original score by composer Philip Sheppard.

First Orbit is still available on YouTube, where it has received over 3.3 million views, but for the first time, the film is now available in a physical format with translations in over 30 languages. Pick up the DVD or Blu-ray at, or search for it on

To help make First Orbit available to viewers around the world, we’re giving out DVDs of the film to five randomly-selected Yuri’s Night parties. All events are eligible; just make sure your event is signed up by midnight GMT on Wednesday, March 28. We’re at over 100 events now, so if you’ve been slacking off on registering your party, join in before it’s too late!

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