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YNterview: "Director of Awesome" Carolyn Belle

It’s time for the next entry in our YNterview series, where we sit down with the folks who help make Yuri’s Night what it is–from the global organizers to partygoers from around the world. Today’s YNterview is Carolyn Belle, t
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Catch Yuri's Night on Dr. Kiki's Science Hour tonight at 7!

Yuri’s Night Executive Director Dr. Ryan Kobrick will be appearing on Dr. Kiki’s Science Hour, hosted by neurophysiologist and science journalist Kirsten “Kiki” Sanford, tonight on the TWiT network at 7 PM ET. Ryan will be tal
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Update on the Yuri's Night website

Hi, all! As you may have noticed, we’re still in the process of updating the Yuri’s Night webpage for 2012. We’ve run into some issues with our server while integrating the new Yuri’s Night website design, and we’ve run
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