Yuri's Night Announces 2012 Global Executive Team

It’s been less than four months since we celebrated the 50th anniversary of human spaceflight with Yuri’s Night 2011, but it’s already time for us to start gearing up for 2012. Over the last two months, we’ve received dozens of fantastic applications for this year’s Executive, and we’re pleased to announce the official composition of our 2012 Global Team.

“Not only do this year’s new arrivals include leaders of such organizations as Astronauts4Hire, SEDS, and the Federation of Galaxy Explorers,” said Assistant Director Brice Russ, “but we’re bringing back most of the YN11 Global Team members that made last year’s festivities such a resounding success. I’m extremely excited to see what we can accomplish this year.”

As with last year, the 2012 Executive will be split up into four teams–Operations, Outreach, Media, and Digi.

(Italicized names below indicate returning members)

OPERATIONS TEAM: (led by Executive Director Ryan Kobrick)
Chief Financial Officer (and Assistant Director) – Tim Bailey
Chief Strategist/Director of Event Expansion – Nicholas de Leon
Director of Marketing – Veronica Ann Zabala-Aliberto
Contest Manager – Greg Wagner
Directors of Special Projects – Marcia Fiamengo, Alan Steinberg
Director of Awesome – Carolyn Belle

Directors of Outreach: Ray Sanders, H. Aziz Kayihan
Regional Outreach (US): Rayna Hall
Regional Outreach (International): Sudeep Neupane
Science Center Outreach: Cat Aboudara
Middle/High School Outreach: Mikayla Diesch
College Outreach: Abby Dickes
Regional Outreach (Europe): Dorian Bozicevic, Maria Pflug-Hofmayr
Regional Outreach (Asia): Nur Liyana Che Md Azim
Regional Outreach (Middle East): Amin Jamshidi, Serkan Yildiz, Nouf Al-Jalaud

MEDIA TEAM: (led by Assistant Director Brice Russ):
Web Content Coordinators: David Parmet, Rick Hanton
Director of Social Media: Jen Scheer
Media Liaison: Rob Shannon

DIGITEAM: (led by Master of Electrons Jeffrey Alles)
Geospatial Coder: Rocky Persaud
Apps Developer: Stephen Prater
Webcast Producer: Benjamin Higginbotham
Webcast Coordinator: Brian Simmons
Rick Hanton and Jen Scheer will also serve as DigiTeam members as needed.

Loretta Whitesides and Chris Lewicki also return as members of the Yuri’s Night Board of Directors, along with Ryan Kobrick, Tim Bailey and Brice Russ.

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