Astronaut Ron Garan Receives 2011 Spirit of Yuri’s Night Award


SANTA ROSA, CA–Yuri’s Night is pleased to announce Ron Garan, NASA astronaut and founder of Fragile Oasis, as this year’s recipient of the Spirit of Yuri’s Night Award.

The Spirit of Yuri’s Night Award is an annual recognition of a person or persons that embody the Yuri’s Night mission of using space and art to contribute to the future of humanity, both in space and on Earth. Ron Garan, who is currently orbiting Earth aboard the International Space Station as a member of the Expedition 27/28 crew, is being awarded for both his (literally) out-of-this-world help and contributions in bringing people around the planet together on Yuri’s Night and his humanitarian outreach efforts from the International Space Station to help us all protect our Fragile Oasis.

Yuri’s Night Executive Director Ryan Kobrick was eager to describe Ron’s contributions to Yuri’s Night and the space industry as a whole. “As we mark the end of an era with the final launch of the Space Shuttle, we look forward to the promising future of humanity in space which Ron is helping to realize. Ron’s recognition of Yuri’s Night and the creation of Fragile Oasis are an exemplification of his passion for using his ‘unique orbital perspective and experience to inspire people to improve life on our planet’. We are proud to award Ron the 2011 Spirit of Yuri’s Night Award; he has now set the bar for winning to a new height!”

“In July 2010,” Kobrick noted, “Ron approached our team and offered to fly and wear a Yuri’s Night t-shirt on the International Space Station for April 12th. This request grew, and the result was that the entire Expedition 27 crew wore shirts to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Human Spaceflight, in style, with dinner and a movie. We were excited and surprised when the crew sent down a video tribute in three languages to share with the world.”

Ron Garan was happy to accept his award from orbit with a video blog entry on the Fragile Oasis website (

“I accept this award on behalf of everyone who is striving to use space exploration to contribute to the future of humanity on earth and in space, and the people involved with our efforts at Fragile Oasis to use the orbital perspective to help inspire people to make a positive difference on our planet.” The physical Spirit of Yuri’s Night Award will be presented in person after the conclusion of Expedition 28 this fall.

This is the second annual Spirit of Yuri’s Night Award; the inaugural award was given to private space adventurer Richard Garriott at the Yuri’s Night Bay Area event in April 2010.

About Yuri’s Night:

Yuri’s Night, “The World Space Party,” is an annual global celebration of the history, present, and future of human spaceflight. Since 2001, Yuri’s Night events have been celebrated around April 12, the date of the first human space launch of Yuri Gagarin in 1961 and the first launch of the Space Shuttle in 1981.

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About Fragile Oasis:
Fragile Oasis engages and inspires people and organizations committed to improving life for the inhabitants of planet Earth to connect, collaborate and inspire each other in this common goal, nurturing a sense of community in the same way astronauts who live and work onboard the International Space Station create a sense of community with each other.

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