Watch First Orbit and Orphans of Apollo this Yuri's Night!

For the past year, we have been working closely with UK based film producer director Chris Riley (In the Shadow of the Moon, Moonwalk One, Moon Machines) to create a new film–First Orbit–for the 50th Anniversary of Yuri’s pioneering flight. It is the perfect complement to any Yuri’s Night event!

Together with the astronauts on board the International Space Station, and with the support of the European Space Agencym they have managed to match the orbit of the ISS to the original ground path of Vostok 1 to create a brand new HD view of what Yuri might have seen. Chris has weaved this new footage in with a music score from composer Philip Sheppard and the original Vostok 1 mission audio, released from Russia for the first time, to create the ultimate film experience for Yuri’s Night parties.

In partnership with YouTube, First Orbit will have a global premiere on April 12th, and there’s a good chance that your local event will be showing this. If you’re helping with a Yuri’s Night event and want to schedule a First Orbit showing, register to download an advance copy of the film at or visit their YouTube page ( on the 12th!

Yuri’s Night is also partnering with the creators of Orphans of Apollo, a documentary film about the adventures of MirCorp, a pioneer in commercial spaceflight. A beloved film of many in the private space industry, Orphans of Apollo features interviews and footage of space entrepreneurs and key players such as Richard Branson, Rick Tumlinson, Elon Musk and Tom Clancy, and the OoA team is offering Yuri’s Night events a discounted screening fee for officially announced showings of the film. Events may purchase 10 copies of the film (excellent giveaway prizes!) from in lieu of a standard fee.

Discussions are in the works for a possible hosting of Orphans of Apollo on YouTube (a la First Orbit); if this happens, we’ll let you know here and elsewhere.

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