How To Keep Up With Yuri's Night This Week

First off, we’d like to welcome everybody who’s joining us from NPR’s Science Friday! Yuri’s Night 2011 is bigger and more expansive than ever before, so newcomers and old hands alike should read on for a summary of how you can follow YN this year–even when you’re at your local party!

First and foremost, there’s the brand-new Yuri’s Night Live, a media-sharing page that anyone can submit YN pictures, videos or links to simply by emailing People around the world will be sending in images and clips from their local parties, so keep checking back this week for the latest information. On the evening of April 12th–the actual 50th anniversary–Yuri’s Night will be hosting their 2011 Global Webcast in association with Spacevidcast, so if you won’t be at a party that night, make sure to log in, watch the show and chat with the hosts and guests. You’ll also be able to watch footage from other Yuri’s Night events on the video-broadcast website

If you’re more of a reader, we’ve got you covered as well. Your source for all the latest YN news and updates is, as always, the Yuri’s Night Blog (the one you’re reading now!); if you haven’t already, make sure you’re getting our updates ASAP via our email listserv or RSS feed. Social networking users may also want to visit our Facebook and Twitter pages, where you can interact with other YN fans and receive breaking news.

And if you still haven’t gotten enough Yuri’s Night, we have two final ways to keep you updated. If you’re looking for the latest YN news on your phone, make sure to check out our iPhone application and our mobile site, And, for the Second Life users, there will be a YN event occurring at the EDA Kent Island in SciLands on the 12th; visit our Event List page for more details.

Let us know your Yuri’s Night stories (on Facebook, YNLive, or our webcast), and we hope you have a great time at whatever event you choose to attend!

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