Yuri's Night Party Profile: Havre, MT

With barely more than 2 weeks remaining until Yuri’s Night, our updates on celebrating the 50th anniversary of human spaceflight are about to begin in earnest. Here’s the latest on Yuri’s Night in Havre, Montana, passed on by Trygve ‘Spike’ Magelssen:

The 5th Annual Montana Yuri’s Night celebration will be held in the Montana State University-Northern Student Union Building (SUB) Ballroom in Havre, MT April 12th, Tuesday, from 4:00 PM to 12 midnight.
It is MSU-Northern’s 5th Annual “First Human in Space” event.

We are hosting a live webcast about space property rights by Special Guest Speaker, Dennis Hope, of Lunar Embassy and the Galactic Government from 6:45 – 8:30 PM MDT (www.msun.edu/yurisnight). Wes Faires will discuss his experience at the UN and his claim of Orion’s Belt.

Steve Durst from Space Age Publishing (www.spaceagepublishing.com) and the Int’l Lunar Observatory Association is going to talk about the International Lunar Observatory. He is a space visionary that has been recognized by NASA and has set up conferences in India, China, Hawaii, California, etc. regarding international lunar observatories and space property rights.

In addition, Dr. Loren Acton, astronaut and professor at MSU-Bozeman, will be attending and presenting on “The Adventure and Wonder of Space Exploration”at 5:00 PM, and Spike will give a “First Humans and Animals in Space” presentation 4:00 PM for all children in attendance.

We will have telescopes, a blow-up planetarium from the Museum of the Rockies, and a live band (‘Blind Luck’) for the dance starting at 8:30 PM. Nalivka’s Pizza will be served (a Russian family here in Havre), and commemorative water bottles with Yuri’s logo, Russian language name tags, space candy from the Space Store, and Yuri’s Night T-shirts will be given away. The local Boys and Girls Club will also be building rockets to launch.

Let’s celebrate mankind’s feat of 50 years ago!

Yuri's Night

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