RELEASE: Yuri's Night Announces Celebrity Judges, Extends Contest Deadlines

Yuri’s Night is pleased to announce that Xeni Jardin, co-editor of Boing Boing, and Ariel Waldman, founder of, will be serving as judges for the Yuri’s Night “Call To Humanity” Space Ad Contest, sponsored by Space Travellers.

The Space Ad Contest calls on graphic designers, illustrators and other creative individuals to “create a powerful and inspiring print ad (such as a poster or magazine advertisement) that would move people to think about space and support humanity’s future among the stars”. The winner, as decided by the panel of judges, will win a 4-day space-themed vacation in Moscow, Russia, including a “zero-G” flight on an Ilyushin 76. All entries will also be posted on the Yuri’s Night Facebook Page; the most popular entry will win a special prize package as part of the “People’s Choice Award”.

Xeni Jardin serves as co-editor of the popular Boing Boing blog ( and is a frequent correspondent for the NPR program Day to Day. Xeni has also been a journalist and contributor on issues of tech culture and digital media for Wired News, CNN, the New York Times, and other major outlets. Ariel Waldman is the founder of, the preeminent online directory of participatory space exploration and astronomy projects. Ariel, an open science strategist and interaction designer from San Francisco, was recently named one of the 50 most influential individuals in Silicon Valley by NowPublic.

In order to allow prospective entrants the most time to work on their submissions, Yuri’s Night has chosen to extend the deadline for all ongoing contests–the “Call to Humanity” Space Ad Contest, the Russian Space Tour Sweepstakes, and the OpenLuna Video Contest–to April 15, 2011 at 11:59 PM GMT (7:59 PM EDT). Entries for all contests may still be submitted before the deadline, and participants are allowed and encouraged to submit entries for more than one competition.

“We’ve received some fantastic entries so far,” said Yuri’s Night co-founder Loretta Hidalgo Whitesides, “but with such an amazing prize we want to make sure everyone has a chance to hear about the contest and create something really inspiring. We can’t wait to see what everybody comes up with!”

Yuri’s Night, the World Space Party, is a not-for-profit corporation dedicated to commemorating humanity’s past and celebrating humanity’s future in space. Thousands of Yuri’s Night events have been held around the world each April 12 since the founding of Yuri’s Night in 2001.

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