Free Guestlist Registration Services for Yuri's Night 2011 Events

Is your Yuri’s Night event looking for a quick and accessible way to handle attendee registration? If so, we highly recommend you consider Guestlist, a leading provider of online event registration and management services. Guestlist has generously agreed to provide their services, free of charge, to any registered Yuri’s Night 2011 event–and this is an opportunity you don’t want to miss out on.

Guestlist makes it easy for attendees to register and buy tickets online via Paypal or credit card. Special rates can also be added for early registration, ‘VIP’ status, or other add-ons. Your registration page can be hosted by Guestlist or embedded on your website–and Guestlist can even send attendees printable tickets! Guestlist also provides data management/exporting and subscriber update services, making it easy to track who’ll be attending your event. Read more about Guestlist’s features on their website.

Guestlist has been used by Yuri’s Night events in the past, as well as the SpaceUp San Diego ‘unconference’ and other events and conferences of all sizes. To get your free registration, simply register a free Guestlist account, then email Jaco Joubert at with your account name and the name of your Yuri’s Night event.

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