Yuri's Night 2011 Board of Directors Finalized

After going through dozens of fantastic applications over the last few weeks, we’re pleased to start announcing our Yuri’s Night Executive Team for 2011. Over 25 strong in total, this year’s Executive Team will be led by a Board of Directors, each member of which will also be the chair of an Executive Team Committee.

After several fantastic years as our indefatigable Yuri’s Night leader, YN co-creator Loretta Whitesides will be passing on the Executive Director position for YN11, though she will still remain heavily involved with the BoD in an advisory role. Our new Executive Director is Ryan Kobrick, previously the team’s Project Manager and a participant and organizer in Yuri’s Night since 2003. Dr. Kobrick will also be supervising the team’s Operations Committee, which manages the strategy, partnerships and internal affairs of Yuri’s Night on a global scale. Our co-Assistant Directors are Tim Bailey, who will also be overseeing our Event Relations and Support committee, and Brice Russ, who will chair the Media Relations committee. Our Master of Electrons, Chris Lewicki, will also be returning to chair the Web Development committee.

We’re still waiting to hear back from a few final prospective committee members, but check back in a few days to see the final list as we begin to kick off the 50th anniversary of manned space exploration!

Yuri's Night

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