Planning Underway for Yuri's Night 2011; Exec Team Applications and Party Registrations Now Open

Yuri’s Night is pleased to announce that, directly after the conclusion of YN2010, we are officially and immediately beginning Yuri’s Night 2011 activities on a global scale.

As of this afternoon (May 29), space enthusiasts around the world will be able to register their events for YN2011. We hope that our improved and streamlined signup interface will make it significantly easier for party organizers to quickly register their events, and we plan on improving the registration process further as we continue to lay the foundations for YN11 throughout the summer. The main page will retain the 2010 event counts while we wait for participants to register their YN11 events, but we plan on officially moving all tracking over to YN11 in the near future. To register your event, please visit .

Yuri’s Night is also accepting applications for the Yuri’s Night Global Executive Team in charge of coordinating and assisting the efforts of Yuri’s Night events worldwide. Virtually all positions are open for applicants, including Director of Event Relations, Art Director, News Editor, Regional and Space Community Representatives, and the Secretary of Awesome. Assistant roles for most administrative positions are also available. Applications will be taken until June 15th, and decisions will be made by late June. Yuri’s Night welcomes people of all backgrounds, interests, and levels of experience to apply. To submit your application to join the Global Team, please visit .

Please stay tuned over the next few weeks as we plan to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Yuri Gagarin’s historic flight with the best year of Yuri’s Night events yet!
Yuri’s Night is a global non-profit organization that brings together the worlds of art, music and science to celebrate our future on this planet and beyond. Since 2001, we have encouraged events around April 12th, the anniversary of Yuri Gagarin’s first flight into space in 1961, and the first launch of the US Space Shuttle in 1981.

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