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Planning Underway for Yuri's Night 2011; Exec Team Applications and Party Registrations Now Open

Yuri's Night is pleased to announce that, directly after the conclusion of YN2010, we are officially and immediately beginning Yuri's Night 2011 activities on a global scale. As of this afternoon (May 29), space enthusiasts around the world will be
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Yuri's Night at ISDC10: 5/29, 5 PM, Avedon AB

UPDATE: Due to a scheduling change, Yuri's Night will be meeting in Avedon AB, not Avedon CD as previously announced. The time and all other information remains the same. Yuri's Night 2010 will be officially coming to a close this Saturday, May 29th
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Yuri's Night Wrapup: 10 Years of Yuri's Night

Pretty soon, we’re going to be announcing the official conclusion of YN2010 as we begin to gear up for Yuri’s Night 2011, which promises to be our biggest and most diverse celebration of space yet. Before we move on, though, let’s t
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