Yuri's Night Reaches 50 Parties, Looking For Party Profiles

Hello, everyone!

We’re still more than two months away from celebrating our 10th year of Yuri’s Night, and we’ve already hit the 50-party mark with many more sure still to come. We have events registered on every continent but Australia and Antarctica, so if you’re in Melbourne or McMurdo Station, we’d love to see you join us for Yuri’s Night in April. With parties already getting started in cities ranging from Casablanca to Kathmandu to Cleveland, Ohio, it’s certainly looking to be another fantastic year of partying for space.

As people all around the world start gearing up to plan their events, the Yuri’s Night Global Team would like to hear more about what you’re planning. That’s right–it’s time for Party Profiles! In case you weren’t aware, every year Yuri’s Night asks party planners to let us know a little bit about what you’re planning for your event. You can give us a few bits of information that we’ll turn into a post, or forward on a press release that you’ve already created, and we’ll get it up on our website so that people know about the amazing diversity of events we have–and so more people make it to your event. We’re especially interested in hearing from events soon, so we can make sure to get you plenty of advance publicity, but we’ll take Party Profiles until the beginning of April.

Please send your Party Profile information to rbruss@yurisnight.net. Thanks for your support, and keep Rocking the Planet!

Yuri's Night

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