YN09 Wrapup: Yuri's Night in the Media

Even with our maps and our party counters, it can be difficult sometimes to see just how massive and global a celebration Yuri’s Night is each year. It might help, as we continue to wind down our Yuri’s Night 2009 festivities, to take a look at just how wide and deep the coverage for YN has been across the media. It would be impossible to list every link and story we’ve received, unfortunately, so consider this a sampling:

We’ve had reports from the biggest networks and newspapers–NBC Washington profiled one of the several Yuri’s Night DC parties, and FOXNews.com featured an article from SPACE.com’s Robert Pearlman about the Hubble Space Telescope cake created by Charm City Cakes. On the print side, The Washington Post’s “Going Out Gurus” noted the Yuri’s Night DC event at Goddard as the place to go to “party like a cosmonaut”. (YN Goddard also made an appearance on the SpaceRef news site.)

Outside of the DC area, Yuri’s Night received a front-page mention in the Hampton Roads Daily Press, and an article in the Virginian Pilot, for the YN Hampton Roads event at NASA Langley. Yuri’s Night Houston was covered in The Houstonist–and Yuri’s Night even received a shoutout on the “Astronomy Weather Blog” for AccuWeather.com!

Yuri’s Night gained a very positive reaction from the blogosphere as well, headlined by YN advocate (and NPR correspondent) Xeni Jardin mentioning Yuri’s Night not once, but twice on the massively popular BoingBoing site. Xeni asked all BoingBoing readers in the San Francisco area to “drop whatever you’re doing tonight” to make it to the flagship event in San Francisco. (With over 3500 attendees, the call clearly worked.)

Yuri’s Night also received strong mentions from Dr. Phil Plait, the “Bad Astronomer”, Scott Beale’s Laughing Squid, the Google Lunar X PRIZE’s Launch Pad, and Dave Mosher and the rest of the crew at Discovery Space. (If you haven’t yet seen the awesome video Discovery Space produced while covering Yuri’s Night DC at Goddard, you should, well, drop whatever you’re doing and take a look.) Some sites had particularly rave reviews; StarWars.com proclaimed “CLEVELAND YURI’S NIGHT ROCKED!”, Yuri’s Night NYC made Time Out New York nostalgic for “freeze-dried ice cream“, and one blog had both kind words and some great pictures from Yuri’s Night Second Life.

Yuri’s Night was worthy of note around the world; it would take forever to list all YN-related articles from around the globe, but start off your reading with this International Business Times article about YN and other International Year of Astronomy events and reports from Universia Espana, the Hamburger Abendblatt and, last but not least, Russia Today and Youth Siberia.

Thanks to everyone for the links, and check back next week for the final wrapup post for Yuri’s Night 2009!

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