Yuri's Night Gear Page open

With less than two months until the start of Yuri’s Night 2009 (remember, YN2009 parties are running from April 4-12), events are being added every day and the new, revamped website is coming together. To that end, the new Yuri’s Night Gear website is now online; you can check it out at on the Yuri’s Night Gear Page.

The most important part of the Gear page, of course, is the Party Pack, a perennial Yuri’s Night event favorite. This year’s Party Packs will feature the classic YN T-shirt, a lapel pin, light-up bouncy ball, and dozens of stickers and temporary tattoos. One comment we’ve frequently gotten from larger parties is that this just isn’t enough, that there should be an easier way to purchase extra bouncy balls or tattoos. We’ve listened to you and added the ability to purchase extras of individual items on the Gear page, right below the Party Pack entry.

Yuri's Night T's available at Zazzle.com

Don’t worry–our extensive line of T-shirts, hoodies and other products are still up for sale. We’ve moved to a new printing company, Zazzle, and you can view our store on the Gear Page or go directly to Zazzle.com now.

Let us know if you have any interesting ideas for Yuri’s Night-themed products, and we’ll take them into account. All purchases of Yuri’s Night gear help pay for our operating expenses, and feel free to buy YN gear even if you’re not running a party. (We’d love it if you did run one, though.)

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