Yuri's Night affiliating with StarPeace

Yuri’s Night is pleased to announce a new collaboration with StarPeace. The StarPeace Project is an international project that holds common and public star parties near the borders between different countries in cooperation with astronomy groups from those countries for the International Year of Astronomy 2009.

This collaboration comes about because we share the idea that space is not just a place to explore, but a tool through which we can bring people together. StarPeace and Yuri’s Night have now joined forces in order to promote our shared ideal of unity through the common love of space. We at Yuri’s Night are very excited to be collaborating with StarPeace, using space in order to improve life here on Earth.

Throughout history, people from every corner of the globe and from every walk of life have gazed in wonderment at the beauty that lies beyond our humble planet. The great beyond of our magnificent Universe has been a dream for all people no matter their race, ethnicity, religion, culture, or nationality.

We hope that between Yuri’s Night and StarPeace, people all over the world will find a way to use space to connect, not only with the Universe, but with each other. StarPeace has already brought people in Iran and the UAE together through their shared love of astronomy in the StarPeace Opening Event for International Year of Astronomy.

For more information on StarPeace, visit http://www.starpeace.org and help make possible this dream of cooperation through our common love of space.

Contributions for this post came from Michael Bouchey of StarPeace.

Yuri's Night

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