Plant a Tree in the Space Explorers' Forest

Looking for the gift for the space explorer who has everything? Want to let the world know that Space Explorers love Earth too? Wish that being a space lover could be good for the environment? Join with others who think space exploration and saving the Earth go hand in hand by planting a tree in the Space Explorers’ Forest!

Yuri’s Night and a consortia of other space organizations, in partnership with American Forests, have created a project to bring Earth and Space a little closer together. We are planting a Space Explorers’ Forest near Mojave, California, replacing trees that burned in the 2003 San Bernardino fires through the American Forests Global ReLeaf program. It will be a place that everyone will know was planted by people committed to space and committed to making a difference on Earth.

If you, your group, or your company would like to join us in taking a stand and saying that Space is all about managing our resources and honoring the home planet, please log on now. Go  click “donate now”, and when it asks for the project you wish the funds to go to click, “Space Explorers’ Forest” or just click here. Every $2 donation plants a tree in the Space Explorers’ Forest.  All donations are tax deductible. A portion of the proceeds will go to continuing to make space programming available to the next generation of space explorers. You can get a certificate suitable for giving. A “Global ReLeaf” customized PDF is even downloadable for printing and instant giving over the holidays!

So plant your trees in the Space Explorers’ Forest today and our earth will have a healthier tomorrow!

You can also purchase your very own Moon Sycamore seedling from American Forests’ Famous & Historic Tree selection to plant at home or in your community.Your Moon Sycamore is a descendant of a tree grown from seeds taken into Moon orbit on the Apollo 14 mission by astronaut Stuart Roosa former smoke jumper with the US Forest Service. The original seeds were germinated, and Moon Trees now grow at the White House, the National Arboretum, and on the campuses of various universities.  If you would like to buy a historic Moon tree for planting at your own house, they are available from the American Forests Historic Nursery.  A portion of proceeds from your purchase goes to space programming. Use promotion code moonforest09 when ordering.

Yuri's Night

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