Yuri's Night

Humans In Space Youth Art Competition

The Lunar and Planetary Institute — LPI — a division of the Universities Space Research Association, in collaboration with NASA and others, has been  bridging science, technology, engineering, and mathematics with the arts. The Humans In Space Youth Art Competition project challenges children ages 10-18 to “think about the future of human space flight and to creatively communicate their ideas.”  The communication media are as varied as these young artists — musical, visual, video, or literary art. A panel of judges from around the globe, including astronauts, scientists, artists, engineers, educators,  and others pick the best of the submissions  and bring these amazing pieces of art to audiences far and wide.

Working closely with LPI, Yuri’s Night is able to help expose these creative pursuits to new audiences. Starting today, people all around the world can watch a compilation of some of the visual artworks and use them in their own events.

“Humans in Space Art is happy to be working with Yuri’s Night to help distribute these inspirational paintings about the future of space flight and exploration, created by talented young artists across the globe. We hope that you enjoy using the video at your celebrations!” said Jancy McPhee, Director of the Humans in Space Youth Art Competition. Jeffrey Alles, Yuri’s Night Director of Operations, said “it is our hope that together LPI and Yuri’s Night will help these aspiring space artists to reach new viewers and receive the attention their inspiring work certainly deserves.”

The compilation video is available on the Humans In Space Art Competition website here.