Yuri's Night

Only 2 Months until Yuri’s Night 2012!

Hello world space enthusiasts!

We just wanted to remind you that we are less than 2 months away from Yuri’s Night 2012! Hopefully you have started working on awesome party plans for April 12 with your friends and neighbors. If you haven’t thought about setting up your own party yet, now is the time. Here are some ideas that you should think about as you plan your event, large or small:

  • Yuri’s Night events & parties can be big or small, be it a few people at your house or hundreds at a bar, museum, school, or space center
  • Consider planning big. If you plan for your event at a larger community center, bar, etc, more people from your area can join you when they find your party online.
  • The more people helping, the more awesome your party can be! Consider working with a local museum, planetarium, bar, community center, local space or astronomy group to get their help, their ideas, and simply to tell them about Yuri’s Night! (though unlikely, maybe they didn’t even know about this great international event)
  • Publicity is everything. Once you have a good-sized venue, fill it up with people! They don’t have to be space geeks, but maybe they’re just interested and want to have a good time. Consider making an event on Facebook, publicizing on Twitter, writing to your local newspaper (how else will they learn about a neat local event?), and calling or e-mailing your local radio stations (in many places they will publicize local non-profit events for free or even show up).
  • Team up with local DJs or bands (who can play music at your event) and companies (who can help sponsor your event).

Lastly, if you have still not registered your party, do so this week!  If you register your event by 2/24 12:12 EST you will be entered for a chance to win a director’s autographed copy of Orphans of Apollo!  Special thanks to director Michael Potter for the signed DVD’s of Orphans of Apollo!  We’ll announce the winner later in the day on Friday 2/24.

Enough information and tips.  Go out, start planning, and Rock The Planet!

Link to this: http://yur.is/Au0bIa

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